Cocoa Scientist

New! Tic Tac Toe for Swift Playgrounds


Over of a series of sixteen individual lessons you'll learn how to build a game with Swift Playgrounds. Get to know the SpriteKit framework by using scenes, nodes and actions to build the game mechanics. Use the GameplayKit framework to model different states during gameplay and design algorithms for adversarial intelligence.


Building Apps by Example: Luna


Build an iOS app that shows the current Moon phase. The implementation is kept simple with only one view controller and only using UIKit and Foundation APIs. The app is built using the MVVM design pattern.


Building Apps by Example: Passengr


Build an app to display driving information for the Cascade Mountains. Learn how to work with collection views, create custom animations, persist local data, and scrape HTML documents.


Learn concepts behind the Cocoa framework

Focus on learning the fundamentals

Start simple and expand your skills

Cocoa Scientist was created by Andrew Shepard, an iOS and macOS developer with over 8 years experience working with Cocoa. Andrew has been a Software Developer since 2005, working on everything from large scale enterprise projects to creating apps for early stage startups. He has also been an instructor of iOS and Cocoa fundamentals, developed course materials, and mentored students learning Cocoa for the first time.